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Comparing Tecpro MS745 Master Station to Granite Sound’s GS-CMS2 Master Station


Both the Tecpro MS745 Master Station and the Granite Sound GS-CMS2 Master Station are 1U and support up to 22 outstations and offer 2 channels however, Granite Sound’s GS-CMS2 boasts x3 XLR3 outputs per channel (A & B) as opposed to the Tecpro MS745 which only has x2 XLR3 outputs per channel.

External audio sources such as programme feeds, show relay or paging announcements can be mixed to either or both intercom circuits on both units.

The amount of auxiliary signal added is set using the ‘Aux Level’ control on both the MS745 and GS-CMS2

Both units are fully compatible and will work with all Tecpro and Granite Sound outstations.

For more information about Granite Sound’s GS-CMS2, get in touch with us via Telephone or email. Or, contact one of our worldwide distributors


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