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Comparing Tecpro BP511 Beltpack to Granite Sound’s GS-CBP1 Beltpack

The most obvious difference between these two products is the fact that the Tecpro Beltpack is manufactured using plastic and the Granite Sound Beltpack is manufactured using metal.

The design of the GS-CBP1 has remained the same since it’s creation almost 30 years ago. The decision to continue using the metal box design was a very simple one for Granite Sound. The customers like the robust and solid nature of the product, so why change it?

Both beltpacks are single channel with male and female XLR connectors in parallel so beltpacks can be daisychained together if required.

They are also fully compatible with eachother so users can add Tecpro beltpacks to Granite Sound systems or Granite Sound beltpacks to Tecpro systems.

In terms of functionality, there really isn’t much difference between the BP511 and the GS-CBP1.

For more information about Granite Sound’s GS-CBP1, get in touch with us via Telephone or email. Or, contact one of our worldwide distributors



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