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Comparing Tecpro BP511 Beltpack to Granite Sound’s GS-CBP1 Beltpack

The most obvious difference between these two products is the fact that the Tecpro Beltpack is manufactured using plastic and the Granite Sound Beltpack is manufactured using metal.

The design of the GS-CBP1 has remained the same since it’s creation almost 30 years ago. The decision to continue using the metal box design was a very simple one for Granite Sound. The customers like the robust and solid nature of the product, so why change it?

Both beltpacks are single channel with male and female XLR connectors in parallel so beltpacks can be daisychained together if required.

They are also fully compatible with eachother so users can add Tecpro beltpacks to Granite Sound systems or Granite Sound beltpacks to Tecpro systems.

In terms of functionality, there really isn’t much difference between the BP511 and the GS-CBP1.

For more information about Granite Sound’s GS-CBP1, get in touch with us via Telephone or email. Or, contact one of our worldwide distributors



Comparing Tecpro MS745 Master Station to Granite Sound’s GS-CMS2 Master Station


Both the Tecpro MS745 Master Station and the Granite Sound GS-CMS2 Master Station are 1U and support up to 22 outstations and offer 2 channels however, Granite Sound’s GS-CMS2 boasts x3 XLR3 outputs per channel (A & B) as opposed to the Tecpro MS745 which only has x2 XLR3 outputs per channel.

External audio sources such as programme feeds, show relay or paging announcements can be mixed to either or both intercom circuits on both units.

The amount of auxiliary signal added is set using the ‘Aux Level’ control on both the MS745 and GS-CMS2

Both units are fully compatible and will work with all Tecpro and Granite Sound outstations.

For more information about Granite Sound’s GS-CMS2, get in touch with us via Telephone or email. Or, contact one of our worldwide distributors


A Little About Us

Previously Stonewood Audio and before that, Metroaudio; Granite Sound continue to manufacture the high quality, all metal theatre intercom systems so well known in the industry.

From Theatre and School Intercom starter systems to full systems into high end theatres in the West End. The Granite Sound range can be expanded endlessly to suit the needs of the customer.


Granite Sound’s theatre intercom systems are compatible with industry standard three-wire communication systems and are available with a wide range of headsets and belt packs.

Our products are fully compatible with Tecpro, Clearcomm etc. This means customers can, for example, simply add a heavy duty GS-CBP1 to their existing system with no hassle!

Granite Sound has established a reputation for reliable, high quality theatre intercom systems. With an industry recognised, unbeatable service record, Granite Sound can offer excellent knowledge and support every step of the way.

We seek to achieve satisfaction and long-standing relationships with each of our customers through reliability, flexibility, professionalism, and expertise. Our expert team have been involved in the developing audio industry since the 1970s, their high level of experience enables them to provide in-depth advice on all aspects of audio systems.

High Quality

Our systems are being used into some of the most iconic theatres in the world. Some products almost 30 years old and still in perfect working order.


Granite Sound are proud to announce that Henley Theatre Services are now stocking the Granite Sound range of products.

A little about Henley Theatre Services 

Henley Theatre Services provides technical equipment and services for the performing arts, festivals, corporate events and special occasions such as weddings and parties.  Their extensive customer base ranges from major performance venues and production companies to schools, amateur groups, choirs, orchestras and bands.

Their experienced, knowledgeable and friendly team are dedicated to delivering a professional service that sets them apart from the rest. 

Visit their website today at


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