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Welcome to Granite Sound


Who are we?

Granite Sound has established a reputation for reliable, high quality intercommunication tools. With an industry recognised, unbeatable service record, Granite Sound can offer excellent knowledge and support every step of the way.

We seek to achieve satisfaction and long-standing relationships with each of our customers through reliability, flexibility, professionalism, and expertise. Our expert team have been involved in the developing audio industry since the 1970s, their high level of experience enables them to provide in-depth advice on all aspects of audio systems.

Granite Sound intercom systems are compatible with industry standard three-wire communication systems and are available with a wide range of headsets and belt packs. We believe we hold the same values as our customers and understand their needs, always providing the required audio solution.


Typical customers

Whatever your location requirements, Granite Sound can provide the answer. By giving you the choice of Wired, Waterproof, Industrial or Portable, our systems can be installed anywhere.

Currently in use in diverse situations, our Pro-Sound, Industrial and Marine designed intercom units are the communication solution chosen by professionals.

Granite Sound systems are suitable for many areas who depend on simple-to-use, clear communication, including :

Granite Sound’s Evolution

The excellent reputation of Granite Sound builds upon in-depth industry experience. Founded by Pro Sound enthusiasts, each product has been developed and tested to extremes to ensure they exceed industry requirements.

The diverse influence and experiences of the audio specialists who shaped the development of Granite Sound have all helped to create the trusted company of today.


Paul Farrah Sound


Hans Frieigtag


Metro Audio


Stonewood Audio


Granite Sound

Granite Sound’s

Granite Sound upholds the criteria and professionalism of its lineage.  Each evolution has refined the original products and introduced ground-breaking new lines.

Granite Sound’s engineering experience with the already renowned audio range allowed the development of the, now globally recognised, specialist Marine and Industrial intercom equipment which has distinguished the entire range in recent years.